17 MB

Regis POS: I redesigned this application from scratch to replace the current system. This system tracks the customers from waiting/call ahead to servicing to payment, as well as discounts, employee schedule/shifts and employee productivity.

11 MB

Regis Portal/Dashboard: this web app is to track inventory as well as make emplyoyee shift schedule. This is for the corporate owned stores as well as franchise owned ones. The employee schedule is linked to the POS, so that the employees have one less step to login to the POS.

500 KB

ThoughtYou, a platform for anyone to give a shout-out in public. I designed the product (including overall look and feel, wireframes, flows, specs), identity/logo, all marketing material as well as conducting usability tests.

3.2 MB

LeapFILE Secure File Transfer desktop application for power users. Drag-and-drop to send files. You can forward any files easily as well. I designed every aspect of the application in coordination with all stakeholders.

LeapFILE Secure File Transfer iOS application. This app enables customers to send and receive files securely on their device. The look and feel and the experience should be relatively the same as the desktop application.

333 KB

LeapFILE Secure File Transfer Web application. The existing service's dashboard is difficult to find. The goal with this redesign was to make it simpler and display a dashboard so customers know their usage. I coordinated with all stakeholders.