Oxygen Cloud iPhone app. Oxygen Cloud is a cloud storage that enables users to collaborate and to mix their private cloud with public cloud. Files are encrypted end-to-end. Administrators manage users' permission, such as blocking any user that is no longer with the company or any outside consultant that has concluded their project.

Oxygen Cloud Android app. It offers the same features as iOS app except annotation. The road map was to have the same features as iOS apps.


Oxygen Cloud iPad app. Along with the iPhone app, it is designed to take advantage of the screen size and offers the same features as it is on iPhone but it is not the scale up version of the iPhone app. Along with the engineers, I coordinated the development phase with an off-site team. Because we produced a complete and clear product specs and assets, the development phase went smoothly with just a few minor questions.


Odrive. This is a universal Cloud storage sync client. The purpose is to unify, manage and synchronize multiple cloud storage accounts. This client eliminates multiple passwords to access your cloud storage accounts, as well as discover your storage usage and share documents with others.